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How To Know If A Traffic Source Will Work For You Before You Spend Your Hard Earned Money!
I Will never forget the day I learned that just "driving traffic" was not enough!
I have never told this story in public before. But now the time has come!

I was speaking with a professional traffic buyer one day. This guy buys traffic for multi-billion dollar companies. Yes, billion with a "B"

I called him on behalf of one of my consulting clients. I knew how to drive traffic for them but needed a second opinion.

During our conversation he said something that shocked me.

"Charlie, I KNOW this traffic source is going to convert for your client. The numbers simply do not lie." He went on to add "After you test it, this will be a long term traffic source for your client."

I know this guy is good. He teaches people how to buy traffic. He lives and breathes traffic. And he has driven traffic for some of the top names online. 

But how could he be THAT confident?

And then I had an epiphany.

He could be that confident because he had a proven process. A checklist (or several) that insured success almost every time. 

A process that empowered him to avoid traffic mistakes so he did not waste time or money.

Even more important, his process means he can match ANY offer to the RIGHT traffic source before spending any money!

And I simply had to learn his secret!

So I went to work.
  •  I  bought access to his membership site and took a long hard look at his process.
  •  Then I bought access to the course HE had taken originally and dug into that one as well.
  •  Then I accessed my private portal at Digital Marketer (I am a Certified Consultant and Coach for DM) and spend hours studying their process.
  •  Then I took ALL of that and blended into a process that would help me instantly see traffic mistakes like they were a billboard on a dark night.
  •  AND ... I created the checklists I needed to BOTH avoid traffic mistakes AND know in advance what sources to use for any offer.
And now I am sharing what I learned with you!
If you know me, you know I love my customers. And I protect them by following a simple three step process.
  •  LEARN - I pay to learn a skill from the best so I can use it in my own business.
  •  DO - I use that method, finding the strengths and weaknesses in it.
  •  TEACH - Only then do I share it with my valued customers like you.
Why do some traffic sources cONVERT into sales while
others do not?
The answer turns out to be quite simple really. But getting these answers using your own money, using trial and error, can be incredibly expensive and hard.

Here is what I learned (the hard way) ...
  •  Certain traffic sources contain mostly freebie seekers who will simply never buy anything.
  •  Some traffic sources are made up of people who think they know it all and so are not open to buying something that will help them.
  •  Some traffic sources contain people who are so distracted by shiny objects that no sales message can penetrated the fog and get their attention.
  •  Some traffic sources will block you from reaching who you really want to reach because they don't like your ad or landing page.
  •  Some traffic sources contain only people who want instant results. They go from one "opportunity" to another, losing thousands along the way.
But there is GOOD NEWS too!
  •  You can absolutely know in advance if people on a certain traffic platform are a good match for your offer.
  •  You can absolutely know that people in any niche you choose are actively buying products now and not just freebie-seekers.
  •  You can absolutely know what people are paying for traffic in any niche you want to approach.
  •  You can absolutely know what type of "new opportunity" offer will work well in any specific niche.
  •  You can absolutely know what ads others are using in your niche and how well those ads are doing.
  •  You can absolutely know how much people are paying for ads that get buyers, not just tire-kickers.
now THAT iS good news!!
  •  Are you ready to know IN ADVANCE if a traffic source will work for you?
  •  Are you ready to learn how to FIX a traffic problem and never make that mistake again?
  •  Are you ready to end the guessing game and use a scientific method to practically ensure success with driving traffic?
  •  Are you ready to stop being the student and start being the teacher by becoming so good at understanding traffic you could charge for what you know?
Here is what you will receive
  •  LIFETIME ACCESS to the training inside a secure member area.
  •  ACCESS TO THE LIVE CALL if you want to be on the live call.
  •  THE VIDEO REPLAY so you can take this training on your own schedule.
  •  THE COMPLETE SLIDE DECK so you can follow along if you wish.
  •  WRITTEN TRANSCRIPTS you can use as notes or as a swipe file.
  •  DOWNLOADABLE AUDIO so you can listen anywhere!
  •  ASK CHARLIE YOUR QUESTIONS so you can quickly troubleshoot what's happening now.
  •  ALL THE CHECKLISTS so you will forever be able to quickly and easily plan your winning traffic campaigns.
  •  UNANNOUNCED GOODIES I will share along the way. You'll love this!
Here are the BIG THREE takeaways from this group coaching
#1: How to troubleshoot any failed traffic campaign
Ever run traffic to an offer and not seen sales? Me too. You will learn how to analyze any failed traffic campaign and turn it around into a winner!
#2: How to MATCH  the right traffic source to YOUR offer
Solving a problem is one thing. AVOIDING a problem is even better. You will learn to avoid failed campaigns by matching the source to the offer.
#3: How to use my forms and checklists to save time AND money!
These checklists will set you free! Free to KNOW you have done the homework necessary to justify spending your hard earned money.
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Remember, you are here by my invitation. I am not driving cold traffic to this offer (although I easily could do) because I want my members and subscribers to access it first. 

One final word - no one can guarantee any results when it comes to doing business online. So please don't read anything on this page as a promise that you will make sales, get rich, lose weight, or grow your hair back. :-)

So if you are into get rich quick or thinking you can do no work and make a living online, I'm sorry but this is not for you.

If you want to KNOW how to drive traffic, how to analyze traffic mistakes, and how to match your offer to the right traffic source ... this IS for you. 

So order now and lock in your position. 

I look forward to seeing you inside!
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